111. PCS elections - the struggle for fighting trade unionism

111. PCS elections – the struggle for fighting trade unionism

How can the trade unions, as the main mass organisation of the working class, be organised to fulfil their full potential in the fight against Tory covid austerity?

In this episode we speak to Marion Lloyd, the socialist candidate for president of the PCS union which organises civil service and national government workers on privatised contracts. Marion is standing on the Broad Left Network list, See details here: https://pcsbln.wordpress.com/

Why do socialists fight for broad lefts in the unions?

Why was it so important to fight the idea of ‘national unity’ put out by the Tories at the start of the pandemic?

Why do trade unions also need political demands and a political arm to their workplace struggle?

This episode of Socialism looks at the major issues confronting the working class – from the fight against Tory covid austerity, to defending the right to protest, to the fight against the oppression, injustice and inequality revealed even more ruthlessly by the pandemic – and the role of the trade unions. We look at the fight within the unions for the leadership required in order for the trade unions to play their potential role in these struggles.

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