Zara Seidler & Sam Koslowski - from Politics & Corporate Law to 'The Daily Aus' (News For Millennials)

Zara and Sam are my youngest guests to date. 24 and 26 respectively they quit incredible careers in corporate law and politics to launch The Daily Aus. Such an inspirational pair – I LOVE THEIR STORY.


What is The Daily Aus I hear you ask well..

“The Daily Aus is Australia's leading social-first news organisation. They are on a mission to arm millennials with the tools and information to begin their own deep dive into the news. Their news recaps and explainers are read by over 100,000 Australians daily (85% of whom are under 34). They also have a daily podcast (It’s currently the only Australian daily news podcast that specifically targets a young Gen Z and Millennial cohort) and newsletter. The Daily Aus has been featured as an innovative news organisation in the Sydney Morning Herald, the Australian Financial Review, B&T Magazine and by Canva in their 2020 Year in Review.”

I am certainly not a millennial, but Zara and Sam can add this older bird to their audience figures now and I am a fully subscribe podcast listener to-boot. 

Enjoy our three-way, I promise it’s a hour of your life that will leave you feeling uplifted, informed and entertained. X

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