Tanya Perilli - From Project Management to Women's International Luxury Brand Hire

Tanya Perilli is today's delicious guest and she has a fantastic story to share.
Tanya grew up with a seamstress grandmother and mother in a small country town in far North Queensland, where there were more fabric stores than dress shops. Fashion was in the blood from an early age. Tanya excelled through her schooling years and was named captain of her High School in Year 12. Despite just missing out on an Architecture degree, she was offered a scholarship at the Queensland College of Art for a Fine Arts degree. Unsure of how she could sustain a life with a Fine Arts degree, with the help and advice of her parents Tanya decided on a different career path and proceeded to complete an Engineering & Construction Management degree at James Cook University.
Her journey through the mainly male dominated construction world is a fascinating one and saw Tanya work around the world on some incredible projects, one very close to my heart, Marks & Spencers and their Food Halls! Family circumstances brought her back to Australia and eventually she circled back to her love of fashion and fabrics.
She would find herself endlessly searching for something new to wear to the next event or dinner. Following a conversation with a friend in early 2019 she decided to do further research on the fashion rental platforms around the world like Rent the Runway and Armarium in the US, where she learnt about and fully understood the negative impact the fashion industry, and specifically the fast fashion sector, had on the environment. The more she investigated the fashion rental business model the more interested she became as there were so many aspects to consider. Tanya saw this as an opportunity to bring together her entrepreneurial spirit and instincts together with her engineering and project management training, experience, and know-how. Tanya found that although fashion rental in Australia was growing fast and furiously, there was no one offering high fashion on luxury loan. The Fashion Alta Moda business was borne.

I was like a kid in a candy store looking through some of Tanya's incredible pieces you can follow her on instagram or take a look at the wonderful collection she has curated below. An amazing story and truly lovely lady. Enjoy!!
https://www.fashionaltamoda.com.au/Instagram fashionaltamodax

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