PART TWO David Rogers – from advertising & lifestyle media to ‘over-enthusiastic’ landscape photographer

Today’s guest is the rather magnificent David Rogers. David or Davey (he is happy with and suits both variations) has a wonderful tale to tell.

Davey spent his career working in Sydney in the fast-paced world pf publishing, advertising and lifestyle media. And was extremely fortunate to work with some of the world’s leading brands at Australia’s top publishing houses. But as his newfound love of photography grew (along with his camera equipment upgrades) Davey decided to make the leap and turn his hand at turning this passion into a career.

Davey quit his job and moved back to the Sapphire Coast (where he grew up) and spent a year teaching himself how to photograph the beauty that surrounded him. His goal was to capture this spectacular landscape in an intimate way – by watching and understanding how each location reacts under different environmental conditions – whether it be the seasons, wind directions, cloud patterns, star trails or moon cycles. You had me at star trails and moon cylces…


As Davey says of himself, he is an ‘over-enthusiastic landscape photographer’ who describes loading his backpack with photography equipment and hiking out to shoot sunrise or sunset as the ultimate bliss.


Davey has successfully combined his two passions – photography & media – and his aim is to help brands achieve their marketing goals through powerful imagery, and to remind people of the beauty of this planet. His work is truly mesmerising and has already received praise far and wide be sure to check out his Instagram and website – you and your eyes will be glad you did!

Instagram @davey_rogers


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