PART 2 Annabelle Hickson – From Big City Journalist to Regional Pecan Farmer, Author, Podcaster and Publisher (and my official new girl crush)

What a delicious way to end 2020’s ran of magnificent guests. I could have talked to Annabelle Hickson for a month - obviously, we would need some loo breaks and plenty of tea and cake. 

Annabelle or Annie as she is known left her job as a news writer at The Australian Newspaper to follow her heart and farmer partner Ed. They bought a pecan farm and Annie started to teach herself photography and immersed herself in regional Australia life. Her first book ‘A Tree In The House’, followed by a podcast ‘Dispatch To A Friend’ and most recently she has published ‘Galah’ She has just launched the first issue of a magnificent magazine ‘Galah’. 

In a similar vein to #buyfromthebush, Annabelle is showcasing the best of regional Australia and how you can bring the outside in, for the ultimate decorating inspiration. After years of drought, dust-storms and now a global pandemic, it’s never been a better time to support regional and rural Australia– consider GALAH to be your guide.

Check out everything Annabelle Hickson at her website and sit back and enjoy our natter.



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