Judy Davie - from National Marketing Manager to The Food Coach

Oh, are your ears are in for a treat as you listen to the beautiful dulcet Scottish tones of today’s guest Judy Davie.

She worked as a National Marketing Manager for a HR company in the city, but it didn’t bring her any joy. In her personal life she was extremely healthy, had a great diet and practiced Ashtanga yoga four times a week. It was 2001 and a chance opportunity to cook on a TV show called Search for a Supermodel came up. A live-in role for 17 days enlightening and exhausting. Judy felt more alive than she had the past two years but also recognised that these gorgeous young girls didn’t have a clue how to eat well for health, physical appearance, and performance. 

Back then life coaching was popular, and Judy had a life coach so when she returned to work, she quickly plotted to become The Food Coach. And the rest is history… enjoy the chat and Judy’s journey.


Instagram @judy_davie

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