Claire Devine – From Classical Musician & High School Teacher to Full Time Artist & Chooser of Joy

Claire Devine (just quietly isn’t that the best name ever) is today’s delicious guest.

The Granddaughter of celebrated French artists and potters, Claire was born in Toulouse, France and grew up in an art gallery space in Brisbane, Australia. A classical musician and high school teacher, she started painting as a way to pass the evening hours while her handsome Irish husband, Seamus was away for work.

Claire had to take a break from teaching when Seamus became ill and their infant son was diagnosed with partial blindness. This break allowed the family to reprioritise, focus on each other and give energy to Claire’s painting. As popularity for Claire’s work grew, The New Devine quickly evolved from a painting pass time into a serious, full-time business.

Imbued with vibrancy, colour and joy, The New Devine collection of works is an unbridled celebration of Claire’s Australian roots, French heritage and Irish connections. Claire loves coffee, vintage champagne, Dad jokes, yoga and long walks with her 'tame wolf' Nanette. 

She really is a ‘chooser of joy’ you will love our chat.

Instagram @thenewdevine

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