Christian O’Connell – Radio Royalty, Fantastic Family Man, Mac ’n’ Cheese Maker and Marks & Spencers Lover

Get the kettle on and get comfy because I have got THE BEST guest for you today – Christian O’Connell. I promise you will laugh, cry, want to be his mate, buy his new book and follow him on the ‘gram.


‘NO ONE LISTENS TO YOUR DAD’S SHOW’ is out now. Don’t take my word for it (but if you are interested it is one of the funniest and most moving and uplifting books I have read in ages) take the words of Ricky Gervais, Amanda Keller, Russell Brand and Hamish Blake who all rave about on the book.


In 2018 Christian O’Connell was one of the UK’s biggest radio stars, had won truckloads of radio awards and sold-out national tours as a stand-up comedian. Christian and wife Sarah made the decision to move their family to Australia for ‘part 2’ of their lives and for a new adventure. It was bumpy to say the least but Christian’s breakfast show on GOLD 104.3 in Melbourne went on to take out the #1 spot within 18 months and giving the station the best ratings for over 20 years. Making Christian the first DJ to have a #1 breakfast show both sides of the world.


“NO ONE LISTENS TO YOUR DAD’S SHOW highlights the hard work and creativity, along with a never-say-die attitude, that ultimately made moving to Australia the best decision Christian and his family ever made.”


In other news make sure you hang on for the ‘Hard Hitting’ questions at the end of the pod – the funniest answer to date!


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