Casey Beros – Health journo, stealth health guide author and lover of breaking out the occasional ‘worm’

I loved nattering to Casey. A health journo who has spent the past 15 years asking questions of our brightest minds on ways to live a happier, healthy life. A wife, mum, appears on TV and hosts podcasts and events and still occasionally eats chips for dinner!


‘The Bad Girl's Guide to Better’ is Casey’s first book - a stealth help guide (a guide she wished she had in her youth, that breaks it down in a relatable way) to getting your act together, embracing the mistakes you made, and literally becoming and being the best version of yourself. There are some ace testimonials from the likes of Natalie Imbruglia, Jess Marais and Turia Pitt.


The book is broken down into 16 lessons including:

Be Kind to your Body - it’s the only one you have

Reign in the Drinking - alcohol makes you do stupid things

Being Good in Bed is Easy - but loving sex is hard 

Know that Things will Go Wrong - embrace the darkness of the bad times


‘The Bad Girl's Guide to Better’ is out now! Instagram @caseyberos

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