Carla Oates – from beauty writer to inner beauty trailblazer and founder of ‘The Beauty Chef’

Today my guest is the incredibly passionate Carla Oates founder of ‘The Beauty Chef’. Now way before we actually met my tummy already loved Carla and her creations – in particular the ‘Gut Primer’ – so it came as no surprise to me that the rest of me thought she was the bee’s knees once we chatted (she even made fermentation sound cool and exciting). 

Carla was a journalist for many years (and still writes and is a published author to boot) with her focus ‘the world of beauty products’. But this journalist dug deeper into the ingredients of the products she was reviewing, and she didn’t always like what she found. As someone who suffered allergies and eczema as a teenager Carla’s mum took her to a naturopath who adjust her diet and her cleared her skin. Years later Carla’s own daughter experienced similar problems and it was then Carla put the family on a gut-healing diet which left the families skin looking ‘glowy’. 

Carla began lacto-fermenting foods in her Bondi Kitchen and this eventually led to the creation of GLOW, ‘The Beauty Chef’s’ first inner beauty product. Launching in 2009 ‘The Beauty Chef’ was the first beauty brand to focus on cultivating good gut health for healthy skin – pioneering the philosophy of “Beauty From The Inside Out” and “Beauty Begins in the Belly”. 

Eleven years and it seems my tummy isn’t the only one that loves Carla’s creations as ‘The Beauty Chef’ is now stocked around the globe including at the iconic Liberty and Selfridges in the UK, on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop and Net-a-Porter.

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