ATG’s with Ben McKelvey – Journalist and award-winning author who suffered a heart attack in his 20’s and has ‘lived’ every second since

You will love this episode! I cannot wait for Ben to write his memoir and for it to become a best seller followed by a box office hit…

An award-winning author who has penned some incredible books including ‘Tell Me Why. The Life and Songs of Archie Roach’, ‘Songs of a War Boy’, ‘The Commando. The Life and Death of Cameron Baird VG, MG’, ‘Born to Fight’ and his latest ‘Mosul: Australia’s war inside the ISIS caliphate’.

Ben and I met millions (well at least 20) of years ago when I was at Sony Music and he was writer for music and culture Mag ‘Juice’. He was always super smart, cool, funny, looks hot in a suit (don’t tell him though) and landed gigs like interviewing Beyonce 10,000 ft in the air on a flight from Melbourne to Sydney. And then there was the time that… actually just listen! His story is quite incredible, and I think you’ll really enjoy this one.


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