Alex Phillips - Burn Out Led To Reinventing the Diary

Alex's job was literally making her sick. Plagued with gastritis and fatigue, the stress from her corporate job in digital marketing was not doing her any favours. After taking some time off to reflect on what she was (or wasn’t) doing Alex decided it was time to re-evaluate all of her habits and truly be accountable for her wellbeing. Just before returning to work she set off on a mission to find a planner that would help her prioritise her health over productivity and offer reminders and encouragement to put herself first and avoid falling into the pitfalls of bad habits once again.

Exasperated with not being able to find what she was looking for, Alex pointed out to Tom the lack of importance that well being played in these diaries, where ‘to do’ lists and schedules reigned supreme. A light bulb went on for Tom; “Let's do it. You identified a gap. Let’s create a diary business.”

The delightful Alex shares her journey with me and the highs and lows (don’t start her on printers!!) of starting Saint Belford. Alex and partner Tom have created a beautiful selection of products (and a new baby!) that you can see online at

Instagram@ Saintbelford


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