‘Around the grounds’ with the culinary king and motorbike rider Matt Moran

For those who live in Australia Matt Moran needs no introduction. But for those listening overseas Matt Moran is an Australian chef and restaurateur and the tour de force behind some of Australia’s most celebrated dining establishments. At the heart of every one of his endeavours lies a passion for quality produce that is fresh and seasonal.

Matt has appeared on numerous top-rating TV shows as well as his own show ‘Paddock to Plate’, he’s a fourth-generation farmer, has had various books published and is generally what I like to call an ‘over achiever’.

On the pod Matt and I talk about everything from the enormous impact COVID-19 has had on the restaurant industry, to how his journey began, to his epic 50th birthday celebrations (trust me they were epic), right through to what his last meal would be if he were on death row. Disclaimer: Matt is a fine upstanding member of the community and would of course never up on death row.

Matt is an old mate and I was so chuffed to get him on the pod – and as someone who bloody loves her grub I very excited to see what he had prepared for us to eat while we chatted. I hope you enjoy the chat as much as I enjoyed it!


Instagram: @chefmattmoran


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