So, I Quit My Day Job

by Cathrine Mahoney

A podcast that travels the bumpy road to achieving your dreams and speaks to those who have successfully made the leap.

Have you ever wanted to quit your day job and follow your dream career? Cathrine Mahoney did it. It wasn't easy, but she gave up a cushy job as a celebrity publicist and decided to try and make it as an author. Spoiler alert she got the book deal and her first book is out in 2022 globally through Simon & Schuster.

Every week Cathrine speaks to a different person who has quit their jobs and followed their heart. From Hairdresser to Crime Scene Cleaner, to air hostess to funeral homes, the world of magazines to baby whispering, banker to teacher, music teacher to skin care guru, journalist to high class escort. Everyone has a great story to share. Now more than ever people are questioning what they do for work and are looking for ways to create their dream career. Take a listen to these inspiring stories from guests all over the world.

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Debut book out in 2022 through Simon & Schuster

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