600. Life is Too Short to Have Sex You Don’t Like, with Emily Nagoski

It's our 600th episode!! Emily Nagoski is back to talk about her new book Come Together: The Science (and Art!) of Creating Lasting Sexual Connections.

We talk about the genesis for this book, which is in part that writing a book is stressful and hard, and while writing Come As You Are, Emily noticed that her own interest in sex was missing. By diving headlong into all the research, she realized that people who sustain lasting sexual connections have a few major things in common, which is what this book is all about.

CW/TW: we mention this in the conversation, but it's important to note that at 23:36 we talk about intimate partner violence, and at 1:00:45 we talk about intentional weight loss. We are also talking about intimacy, sex, and sexual practices.

Music: Purple-planet.com

You can find out more about Emily Nagoski at her website, EmilyNagoski.com.

We also mentioned Dr. Shamika Thorpe's work, which you can find at DrShemeka.com.

And I mentioned this Tweet from author Racheline Maltese. 

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