Smart Manufacturing: The Advantages of Smart Manufacturing

Innovations with industrial machinery and manufacturing are seeing groundbreaking technological advancements.

There are not many companies the size of Siemens with both the manufacturing capability and their industry breadth of knowledge.

Today we're learning how machine manufacturers are implementing smart manufacturing to improve the product of parts manufacturing. 

Listen to the Third Episode of Siemens PLM Podcast series, where Bill and I are going to take a close inspection of the improvement smart manufacturing brings to manufacturing execution management, including manufacturing of the bill of process, and manufacturing of the bill of materials. 

Questions I ask:

  • When you look at the greater global Siemens and their approach to smart manufacturing, could you give some of the things we have learned in our approach, and how that's changed and how it's been a dynamic process of learning and improving and just our general philosophy in approaching smart manufacturing? (01:25)
  • When you spoke of quality, when we're looking at building the highest quality parts for the lowest amount of labor content in the fastest time, what are some of the differentiators that Siemens provides in parts manufacturing? What kind of technology are we inputting to make sure that happens? (08:13)
  • When you're talking about these complex machine centers, how we can be smarter and the challenges of manufacturing operations to maximize quality in assembly and in commissioning, what are some of the right solutions that we use in implementing that?

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What the concept “Bill of Process” means. (04:53)
  • The importance of meeting the conditions that the machine shop has, when fabricating any part of the machine (08:56)
  • The implications of moving away from single-purpose machining centers toward higher capacity multi-function machining centers. (13:40)
  • How Siemens is dealing with the skilled labor shortage. (15:10)

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