Digital Parts Production: Digitalization is Here to Stay: How Manufacturers Can Start Taking Advantage of the Benefits of Additive Manufacturing

Complexity within manufacturing continues to increase at breakneck speed, and from what we understand about consumer demands, it’s clear that this is the new norm. Rapidly changing trends require equipment that can keep up. The industry needs high-level flexibility so that it’s able to adapt quickly when consumer demands dictate. 

Manufacturers in-the-know are relying on digitalization, and additive manufacturing is saving the day in more ways than one. By enabling improvements to product quality and design, and with its ability to create complex geometries, manufacturers are using digital parts production to build stronger and lighter products that are out-innovating and out-producing the competition. It’s become clear that the faster companies adopt this digital technology, the more successful they will be.

Back with us today is Rahul Garg, the industry leader for Siemens industrial machinery industry. We’re also welcoming Ashley Eckhoff to today’s show, he’s a member of the Additive Manufacturing Programme team with Siemens Digital Industry Software. 

In this episode, we’re taking a closer look at the advantages of additive manufacturing, both in terms of efficiency and quality of parts. You’ll hear how digital parts production leads to less waste and more efficiency, and how creating a digital twin allows manufacturers to take advantage of the data being collected. Finally, we’ll close out the series by summarizing the biggest advantages for the machinery industry to step into digitalization, and how manufacturers can get started.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The definition of additive manufacturing and its advantages (2:14)
  • How additive meets the specific challenges that manufacturers are facing today (3:25)
  • Understanding digital parts production (5:30)
  • The purpose of a digital twin (6:29)
  • Additive success stories (9:28)
  • The biggest advantages of digitalization for manufacturers (12:43)
  • 3 important ways to take advantage of digitalization(15:19)

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