An Introduction to the Digital Parts Production Solution

Welcome to the latest show in the Siemens Industrial Machinery podcast series. Join host Bill Butcher, Global Industry Marketing Leader at Siemens, as he and his guests discuss the Digital Part Production solution from Siemens Digital Industries Software. 

As industrial equipment becomes more complex, it is increasingly obvious that leading industrial manufacturers use new strategies in order to succeed in today's competitive market. OEMs must create fixes that put forth superior shop management as well as more efficient operations. Right now, Digital Parts Production looks like the fix for many of those concerns. 

Bill is joined today by Rahul Garg, Industry Leader for Siemens Industrial Machinery and Frans Adamowicz, Solution Director at Siemens Industrial Machinery. Each has over 30 years of experience and will help us break down some of the major challenges facing digital production and the digitalization within the industry today. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • What exactly digital production is and why it’s critical for industrial machinery companies to develop new engineering practices (00:58)
  • The key trends driving the need for adopting digitalization (3:50)
  • About the concept of digitalization and the context of the digital twin in digital production (7:18)
  • The crucial differentiators of digital production and what makes them unique in today’s marketplace (8:58)
  • About new technologies – additive manufacturing (11:12)

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