#52 Damien Pommeret, Regional Manager Western Europe at The Woolmark Company

"Every 25 minutes, the production of synthetic clothing uses the equivalent of an Olympic pool of oil." Here is what we can read on the website of The Woolmark Company. Founded in 1964, The Woolmark Company is considered the world's authority on wool and works alongside Australia's 60,000 wool producers to research, develop and certify Australian wool. Natural, renewable and bio-degradable, this material tends to supplant plastic which has ravaged and polluted our planet for decades because of its degradation into microparticles.

In this new episode of Smart Creation, Damien Pommeret, Regional Manager Western Europe at The Woolmark Company, tells us why plastic is not a sustainable solution, why wool should replace it and how he works to improve profitability and the sustainability of the wool industry by taking into account each of its actors.


About Damien Pommeret

  • 00:53 : Damien Pommeret introduce himself and come back to his pathway.
  • 1:26 : His definition of sustainable fashion.
  • 3:04 : Why after 7 years at IKKS he decided to move to the Woolmark Company.

About The Woolmark Company 

  • 5:30 : What is The Woolmark Company? The genesis? The vision?
  • 7:07 : His role in The Woolmark Company.
  • 10:12 : Why 85% of merinos in the world come from Australia? What is so attractive about Australian wool?
  • 14:25 : What are the battles and achievements of The Woolmark Company as ONG and lobby? What initiatives are underway?
  • 20:19 : Why wool is one of the most sustainable existing materials?
  • 23:40 : His opinion on mulesing and the idea that wool production is very resource intensive. 
  • 28:35 : Their partnership with Nissan Formula-electric.
  • 36:53 : What is the north star metric of The Woolmark Company? How do you measure your improvement?

About the Fashion Industry 

  • 38:31 : Is there an NGO similar to The Woolmark Company (for other materials)?
  • 41:20 : How the fashion industry can accelerate its sustainable revolution? 
  • 43:50 : The signals from the industry that make him optimistic.
  • 46:46 : His favorite brands or projects.
  • 48:57 : What are the « wrong » good ideas?

Quick questions

  • 53:15 : The doors to close in our industry.
  • 53:40 : What he watches to stay inspired and how he stays ahead of the game.
  • 55:05 : The last piece of clothes he bought.
  • 56:02 : Who he would like to listen to in this podcast. 


  • "Sustainability is a new way to make garments that impacts all the different processes and all the different actors of the supply chain."
  • "With The Woolmark Company, we are here to support the industry and all the different actors, first convicting them the right way to go and that’s the only way to go and they are capable of doing this." 
  • "We are here to serve the industry all the way from the farm to the retail." 
  • "80% of the consumers have no idea what their garment are made of. 80% can not make the right choice because they just don’t know. When you look at your garment composition, everything is done to be confused."


The Woolmark Company : https://www.woolmark.fr/


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