#51 Chiara Mastrotto, President and CEO of Gruppo Mastrotto

"Leather experience, next level" Founded in 1958, the family business Gruppo Mastrotto, specializing in the treatment of bovine hides, is an exception in the world of tanning. Aware of the pollution that their activity can cause, the Italian group is committed to making ecology a priority through multiple actions aimed at reducing the impact of skin treatment on the environment. 

Specialized in the treatment of bovine leather for footwear, leather goods, clothing and even furnishings, Gruppo Mastrotto does not compromise between innovation and tradition and continues to develop ever more innovative projects thanks to its research and experimentation center.

Chiara Mastrotto, daughter of the founder and now president of the group, tells us in this new episode of Smart Creation, the commitment of the Gruppo Mastrotto and the importance of combining quality, research and innovation.   


  • 00:54 : Chiara Mastrotto introduce herself
  • 03:09 : Story of Gruppo Mastrotto
  • 04:44 : What responsible fashion means to her
  • 06:46 : Their sustainability strategy of the last decade
  • 08:19 : Certifications of Gruppo Mastrotto
  • 10:01 : The results of their sustainability strategy from a social and environmental perspective
  • 11:01 : Their biggest challenges for the next years 
  • 12:12 : How she approaching the topic of environmental labeling
  • 14:11 :  What can do the fashion industry to accelerate the sustainability revolution?
  • 15:23 : Her advices to help young designers choose their suppliers
  • 16:18 :  Which door of our industry she would like to close
  • 16:28 : What she does to stay inspired
  • 16:59 : The last piece of clothe she bought 
  • 17:16 : The personality she would like to hear in this podcast


  • "Gruppo Mastrotto has always been environmentally and socially conscious."
  • "We can make a great contribution to the fashion industry because we upcycle product of food industry and we get a long-lasting material."
  • "Sustainable fashion means to have a vision, a clear vision for the sustainable development of the fashion industry." 
  • "Designers should take a clear position regarding the use of material." 


Gruppo Mastrotto : https://www.mastrotto.com/fr/  


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