#41 Livia Firth, Co-founder and Creative Director of Eco-Age

#40 Livia Firth, Co-founder and Creative Director of Eco-Age

What has been your turning point that made you change your vision of sustainability ? For Livia Firth, it was in 2008 when she went to Bangladesh and saw the backside of fashion. In the meantime, she co-founded Eco-Age, a creative agency that integrates both environmental and social justice. Working along with brands, NGO’s, governments and stakeholders at large, the agency is defining strategies that drive inner changes. Livia is shaping new ways to have a positive and significant impact within the supply chain, through the right material choices with labeling and honest communication avoiding greenwashing. She is convinced that scientific data is a necessary knowledge to take into account for the fashion industry. From a maker and consumer perspective, she’s aiming to redefine the  production as well as the consumption systems by asking the right questions. 

In this episode, Livia is giving many solutions that encourage tangible action towards a more sustainable industry driven by innovation, creativity and activism. 




0:55 : Livia presents herself

2:10 : How does she define herself ?

4:00 : The experience that changed her vision

7:00 : Her definition of sustainable fashion

12:30 : What should we do to make fashion sustainable ?

14:30 : Where should the pressure come from ?

17:55 : How do you make sustainability a bit more attractive ?

20:55 : ‘Make the label count’ initiative

23:15 : When will it be implemented 

24:30 : What are the most promising materials today ?

28:50 : What’s her opinion on leather ?

33:25 : How does she make the right choice of certifications 

40:00 : What is ecoverse ?

44:40 : Is she optimistic about the future ?

47:25 : What does she want to close the door to in our industry ?

47:35 : What does she look at to get inspired ?

47:50 : What is the last piece of clothes she bought ? 

48:23 : Who would she like to listen to in this podcast ?




 «We need to have science targets which we don’t have in the fashion industry.»


«We live in a world where businesses are so much more powerful than governments.»


«We produce too much, we throw too much. The number one issue today is volume and we need to think about slowing down and decreasing.»


«If you look around you there are so many young leaders who are not even talking about sustainability anymore, they are just doing it. They have the solution and they know exactly what to do.»




Eco Age : https://eco-age.com/agency/ 

@ecoage : https://www.instagram.com/ecoage/ 

Make the label count : https://www.makethelabelcount.org/




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