#40 Christine Goulay - Global Director at Pangaia (Brand and B2B platform)

This week we’re meeting with Christine Goulay, she is global director at Pangaia. Working both on direct to consumer and B2B markets, the company is mainly focused on technologies and innovation.They design products made of bio-sourced and organic materials that can also be biodegradable. As research is at the core of their process, they take advantage of those material improvements to work hand in hand with other companies and share a common knowledge base in the industry. From the development of bio fibers using regenerative agriculture, to dies and treatments, they build key solutions to suppliers and brands to adapt more efficiently.


Christine has worked for a while at Kering sustainability department and she then directed her career on material science technology. She has aligned Pangaia’s vision into a more shared and realistic way of approaching responsibility within the fashion industry.

Discover what guides her to act for change in this episode.




1:05 : Christine presents herself

4:15 : Why did she decide to join Pangaia

9:40 : What does sustainable fashion mean ?

12:25 : What is regenerative agriculture ?

15:00 : The rules for sourcing materials

16:05 : What’s her favorite fiber ?

19:50 : What makes her company stand out ?

22:50 : The biggest challenges in the upcoming month

26:00 : The price issue regarding sourcing 

27:10 : What would she advise to a young designer ?

29:20 : Other actions they do at Pangaia

31:40 : What does Christine want to close the door to in our industry ? 

30::50 : What will she present at Premiere Vision 

32:15 : What does he look out to get inspired ? 

33:30 : What is the last piece of clothes she bought ? 

34:40 : Who would he like to listen to in this podcast ?




 « The point is to bring those exciting low impact technologies to the market and serve as a proofpoint that we can make this transition. »


« Because all of this hard work has been done, hopefully it will be easier to adopt the technologies. »


« If we are raising things in the correct way it connexionaly have a beneficial impact in that ecosystem. »


« It is through partnering suppliers with brands and experts that we are going to move more quickly. »




Pangaia : https://thepangaia.com

Pangaia B2B : ​​https://thepangaia.com/pages/b2b-enquiries 

To contact Christine : christine@thepangai.com


Kintra : https://www.kintrafibers.com

CFDA : https://cfda.com




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