Dr. Breus and Motivational Speaker Monica Berg Explains How To Embrace Changes To Our Sleep During COVID & What's The Best Sleep Pillow?

COVID is scary. It's changing our lives and sleep patterns. Fortunately, motivational speaker, author and self described "Change Junkie" Monica Berg is a soothing voice to help us all be unafraid of disruption The mother of four who overcome an eating disorder and raises a special needs child is an inspiring optimist who advocates embracing challenges to enhance our lives. Additionally, Dr. Breus provides a great story about a newspaper that went viral when it asked people to send in pictures of their pets sleeping!Monica explains what a "change junkie" is (2:30), She talks about how there really are no disappointments in life (5:00), How to get back to sleep after waking up in the middle of the night (7:55), Techniques for implementing change to sleep routine (11:50), The 5am club (21:00), The power of women with regard to sleep and multi-tasking (24:22), Danger of sleep deprivation (26:25)MAILBAG (30:00) - What's the Perfect Pillow? (30:30) How alcohol impacts sleep (32:30)https://thesleepdoctor.com/For more about Monica Berg go to - https://rethinklife.today/about/If you have any questions for Dr. Breus, please email DRBREUS@THESLEEPDOCTOR.COM

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