Dear Prudence: Not Quilty

Prudence is joined this week by Dr. Jennifer M. Buck, an Assistant Professor of Practical Theology at Azusa Pacific University. Her books and research explore themes of global Christianity, Quakerism, gender, race and popular culture. She also is a licensed minister and helps pastor a church in Pasadena, CA where she lives with her husband and foster son. 
Prudie and Buck tackle letters about what to do when your husband reveals that he’s competitive with you about weight loss, should you feel guilty about thinking about future partners while taking care of your wife who has cancer, what to do when your partner's mom furnishes your home with lots of homemade quilts, how to protect your grand-niece from her abusive father, what to consider when your boyfriend refuses to marry you, even for the purpose of sharing health care.
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Production by Phil Surkis
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