TAK REWIND: Ryan Coogler, Bay Area Bae

Hey Thirst Buckets! We’re taking a break right now, resting up to do some intensive thirsting. But until then, we’re sharing some of our favorite episodes from over the years. In this one, we talk about Ryan Coogler, Bay Area Bae.
Ryan Coogler is not your average Hollywood auteur, seeing as he is a) incredibly talented; b) apparently generous and gracious; c) fine as hell and d) fresh out of the Bay. All those things — and more — are what make him so very special. In this episode we take a closer look at Mr Coogler's back catalogue and back story, how he interacts with the women in his casts and crews, and what that accent of his does to our [REDACTED].
Enjoy, and we’ll be back with a brand new episode next week.
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