Crisis Conversations: To Have and to Have Not — Family Leave in the Pandemic

The United States stands virtually alone in the world in failing to guarantee paid maternity leave. When the COVID-19 crisis hit, Congress made history by quickly passing temporary emergency paid family leave – but severely limited who could get it. We’ll hear stories from the field about how the new law continues to create a gulf between the Haves and the Have Nots. 
Brigid Schulte, Director, Better Life Lab at New America
Guests include:
Ondrea Patrick, Aldi’s worker, mother and United4Respect Leader who needs but isn’t eligible for paid family leave
Rebecca Gale, Journalist and author of Emergency Paid Leave Helps Some Families, Leaves Others Adrift in the New York Times
Marissa Korbel, Lawyer and author of How leave provided by the coronavirus relief bill is saving my sanity while we shelter in place in the Washington Post
Tanya Goldman, Senior policy analyst & attorney at the Center for Law & Social Progress tracking emergency paid leave implementation
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