Hang Up: The Washington NFL Team Is Getting a New Name

Joel Anderson, Stefan Fatsis, and Josh Levin discuss the sudden move to rebrand the Washington NFL team. They also discuss all the athletes opting out of entering the sports world’s various coronavirus bubbles. Finally, Mina Kimes discusses her new role as an analyst for ESPN’s NFL Live.
New Washington team name (02:42): What should we think about the franchise’s decision to finally leave its nickname behind? And what should become of the Cleveland Indians? 
Players opting out (23:08): Which athletes are going to sit out as games get back underway, and which have no choice but to play.
Mina Kimes (41:47): The Hang Up and Listen legend talks about why she loves football’s X’s and O’s.
Afterballs (01:01:49): Stefan on George Preston Marshall’s domed stadium plan and Josh on David Duke and Curley Hallman.
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