44. SPQR

It’s just Jonn this week, which is a problem, because there’s no one to stop him from indulging his sillier ideas. For example: an entire podcast about Ancient Rome. Our guest is Kevin Feeney, a historian of the late Roman Empire based at Yale University, Connecticut. He gives us a whistlestop tour of Imperial Rome, with occasional side trips to other ancient cities. We also discuss other important matters such as the nature of Roman emergency services; whether the Emperor Claudius was all that Robert Graves made him out to be; why ancient Britain sucked; and, inevitably, why the whole enterprise fell apart.Then we round off with the audience participation bit. This week we’re asking: which cities or places from history would you like to visit and why?Oh – and if you’d like to give us a nice review on iTunes, we’d really like that very much. Thanks.Skylines is the podcast from the New Statesman's cities site, CityMetric. It's hosted by Jonn Elledge.

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