42. Level Five

The big day is here at last: as we write, residents of six English city regions are finally going to the polls to elect their first metro mayors. If you're a regular listener, you've probably been looking forward to this day, either because you think it's a great step forward for British democracy – or because it means we'll finally shut up about it and talk about something else.Anyway: we won't get the results until Friday, but Jonn has dragged Stephen Bush and Patrick Maguire from the New Statesman's politics team back to the podcasting catacomb to make some brief predictions. Tune in to find out what the results will be; or, if you’re listening after Friday, to find out how wrong we were.Before that, though, let's talk about something completely different. The Guardian tech correspondent Alex Hern is back to answer one of the big questions in the world day: are driverless cars really going to happen?Skylines is the podcast from the New Statesman's cities site, CityMetric. It's hosted by Jonn Elledge.

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