Will Trump help Ohio's Vance Advance? (w/ Tom LoBianco and Kyle Kondik)

JD Vance spoke recently at a Donald Trump rally in Delaware County Ohio last weekend. He was publicly boasting about the endorsement he had just gotten from "the big man," touting his newfound benefactor as the future 47th President of the United States. Trump's backing of Vance, author of the best-selling Hillbilly Elegy, was a head-spinning moment in the wild and woolly Ohio Republican primary. Just six years ago, when Trump was first running for President, Vance excoriated him, writing in one recently revealed text message to his former college roommate, "I go back and forth thinking Trump is a cynical asshole like Nixon who wouldn't be that bad and might even prove useful or that he's America's Hitler." But that was then, and whatever Vance thought of Trump's politics at the time, he's abandoned those views of yesteryear seeing in a full embrace of Donald Trump the key to victory in the Senate race. Next month starts a wave of primaries in Ohio, Georgia, and Pennsylvania that will provide the strongest clues yet on just how much of a hold on Republican voters that Trump still has. Yahoo News' Tom LoBianco joins to discuss the recent Trump rally. Then Kyle Kondik, the Managing Editor of Sabato's Crystal Ball Newsletter that tracks congressional elections.


  • Kyle Kondik (@kkondik), American elections commentator & analyst; Managing Editor, Sabato's Crystal Ball at UVA Center for Politics
  • Tom LoBianco (@tomlobianco), Politics reporter @yahoonews, Mike Pence biographer: “Piety & Power”


  • Michael Isikoff (@Isikoff), Chief Investigative Correspondent, Yahoo News
  • Daniel Klaidman (@dklaidman), Editor in Chief, Yahoo News
  • Victoria Bassetti (@VBass), fellow, Brennan Center for Justice (contributing co-host)


  • LoBianco's latest piece on the primaries in Ohio - Here.
  • Trump holds rally in Ohio in support of Vance - Here.

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