The fight over executive privilege (with Norm Eisen)

On New Years Day 2021, Mark Meadows the Chief of Staff to the President of the United States emailed a YouTube video to the acting Attorney General Jeff Rosen. The video promoted a bizarre conspiracy theory known as Italy-Gate, asserting that a tech employee at an Italian Aerospace company had worked with the CIA to use US Military Satellites that flipped votes on election night from Donald Trump to Joe Biden. There wasn’t a shred of evidence to support this fantastical claim. Nevertheless, Meadows wanted Rosen to have the Department of Justice investigate the matter. Rosen forwarded the YouTube video to his deputy Richard Donahue who responded with two words - Pure insanity. 

This new exchange is found in a new Senate Judiciary Committee report that documents how then President Donald Trump and his top aides repeatedly pressured the Justice Department to take steps to block the rightful winner of last year’s election and from becoming President and how it all connects to the riot that took place on the US Capitol on Jan. 6th. Will the public ever learn the full extent Trump took to stay in power? Norm Eisen, a former White House lawyer, and a special counsel to the House Judiciary Committee. 


  • Norm Eisen (@NormEisen), Senior Fellow @brookingsgov, former White House lawyer, and a special counsel to the House Judiciary Committee


  • Michael Isikoff (@Isikoff), Chief Investigative Correspondent, Yahoo News
  • Daniel Klaidman (@dklaidman), Editor in Chief, Yahoo News
  • Victoria Bassetti (@VBass), fellow, Brennan Center for Justice (contributing co-host)



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