S2E06 - X Games and Nitro World Games announcer, Jimmy Coleman

Jimmy Coleman started in the action sports world as a commentator in 1993. Since then, he has travelled the globe with the biggest events and best athletes on the planet, including the Winter and Summer X Games for the past 21 years, which has given him an incredible front row seat to some of the gnarliest moments in skate, BMX, FMX and snow history. If you have watched any of these sports and moments over the past 28 years, there is a good chance that Jimmy's voice stamp is on it. In 2016 he became one of the hosts for Nitro World Games, which is where the friendship between Jimmy and Browny formed. Like many in the live sports and entertainment industry, Jimmy's world was rocked by the Covid shut down of our industry. Jimmy put this time to good use though, not only starting his own baking business (this is not a joke), but dealing with some mental demons, which he had never properly dealt with. Jimmy was old school. Jimmy is now new school, and is going to be a leader in the action sports industry, when it comes to giving a voice to the mental health battles of many. His is a message of hope that there is better times out there, and that what is broken, can be fixed. Plenty of laughs, a few tears, but an all round great message from Jimmy, that Skip This is honored to share.