S2E04 - Freestyle Motocross Legend and Good Human Factory Ambassador, Harry Bink

Harry Bink is one of the best on the planet, in one of the gnarliest sports out there, Freestyle Motocross. He lives a great life traveling the world with Nitro Circus and his dirt bike (pre Covid), but that great lifestyle has come due to huge sacrifices, and battling and overcoming plenty of injury and other adversity, including, but not limited too, death threats on social media. A peak physical athlete, Harry has made mental fitness a priority in the last 6 months, and has some amazing tools and insight to overcome major, career threatening injuries, as well as navigating the difficult world of online trolling. This episode is an incredible insight into the mind of a professional athlete. Harry and Browny share a couple of after hours Nitro Circus tour stories as well. Strap yourselves in, and welcome to Harry Bink's world.