36. Eli Magers and The Daily Muppet

EXTRA! EXTRA! SKEETER IS STILL MISSING! In "The Daily Muppet," the babies make their own newspaper for Nanny - even though she makes them sleep 8 babies to a crib! But the real front page story should be the disappearance of Skeeter, so Eli Magers (Pack Theater) helps Eileen and Matt with the investigation. They also discuss if Kermit is an evil dictator, if Gonzo is actually a God, and why Eli insists that all of Fozzie's friends actually call him "Fonzie." And we even give out the very real and official Skeeter-ial phone number you can ring at any time. But do they find Skeeter? Listen for yourself to get the facts, that are anything but "Fake news."

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