EP66: Phillip Youmans - Tribeca Film Festival Award-Winning Director

Welcome to another episode of Silent Giants! Our silent giant this episode is film director Phillip Youmans. Phillip is a native of New Orleans and a film student here at NYU who’s film Burning Cane took home The 2019’s Founders Award for best narrative feature at New York’ Tribeca Film festival. Phillip became the first African American to win Tribeca’s top award and the youngest person to win the award as well. 

He stopped by the podcast and I got to learn so much about this budding silent giant. He talks about his upbringing in New Orleans, how he got into film, how he’s enjoying his experience in New York City, the makings of his award winning film ‘Burning Cane’, how he got superstar actor Wendell Pierce to be lead actor of the movie, lessons he’s learned along the way and so much more.


This episode was mixed by Mark Byrd

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