Sleighs (Feat. Adam)

In which our heroes apply a fresh coat of paint, attach some bells and all call shotgun as we discuss sleighs. We struggle to remember the names of Santa’s reindeer, wonder if seagulls really do confuse stop signs and red lights and try to figure out just how long Rudolph had that red nose and didn’t use it. Zoe doles out some North Pole union justice, Jackson hosts the first ever podcast-based Reindeer Games (no affiliation with that Ben Affleck movie) and Adam insists that reindeer play strip poker when they’re not attached to the sleigh. So grab the reins and soar off into the skies with Santa as the Shut up a Second team take you around the world and back to the North Pole before dawn. Don’t forget to bring a scarf - it gets chilly up there!

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