Sunny Hostin

ERK chats with legal journalist, author and three-time Emmy winning co-host of THE VIEW, Sunny Hostin. We discuss her time as a federal prosecutor specializing in child sex crimes, never being formally introduced as a co-host on THE VIEW in 2016 and why that bothered her then and now, her least favorite guest on VIEW history, why she won't say D*nald Tr*mp's name on air, being a longtime and vocal ally to the LGBTQ+ community, authoring two books in the last year (including her new novel, SUMMER ON THE BLUFFS) and why she can't get enough science fiction. Plus, Evan and Matt are joined by former SHUT UP EVAN producer Alden Peters to discuss his new film, THE ROBOSEXUAL, and the Cock Destroyers disbanding and the drama (or lack thereof) of Tamisha Iman Tuesday.

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