Ep 143 - Useful Resources For Beginner Knitters

Staying home has encouraged a wave of new and returning knitters. After receiving many knit-related requests over the past 6 or so weeks, this episode is a compilation of my favourite ones. Finding good resources, particularly free ones, can be a bit tricky I find. I'm also massively fussy about certain things that probably don't bother many people! My favourite resources are: Sheep and Stitch, Very Pink Knits, Purllinknitting, Knitty Grotty by Aneeta Patel and Knitting 1010 - Knitting For Beginners at Paradise Fibers. With that caveat, you can find links to all the resources at shinybees.com/143 Music for this episode is Adam and the Walter Boys with 'I Need a Drink' - available on iTunes.