Ep 148 - Stash Fit

After the revelation of Ep 146, where I talked about seriously considering a Full and Complete destash, which may or may not have been a mid-Corona crisis, this week I review a method for creating a stash that fits. It's not some ghastly attempt at enforcing small stashed and yarn diets - far from it. The StashFit process is a well designed method for achieving a stash that creates joy and excitement, instead of guilt and dread. Cate Carter Evans of Infinite Twist is the dyer behind the system, and she surveyed and worked with many knitters to refine the StashFit process, as well as determine the optimal stash size. Full shownotes at www.shinybees.com/148 Music for this episode is from Adam and the Walter Boys, with 'I Need a Drink', used with kind permission.