Ep 150 - Gone to Rats

Here we are at episode 150! This week's planned content has been rejigged so it's a little later than planned. There have been some issues with accessibility on Ravelry which meant it is unwise at this stage for me to add any further links to the site. There's lots of information out there about the problems. TL;DR the new site design is giving people visual disturbances, migraines and in some cases, triggering seizures. At the moment, the Ravelry team don't appear to be communicating that they are listening to these valid concerns, so for the time being, I will not be adding new links to the site from here. I am - at this stage - not removing existing links as that sends traffic and pattern sales to designers and dyers - some of whom also fall into the circle of being negatively affected by the recent design changes on Ravelry. I will review this regularly and will remove existing links if it becomes apparent that the potential for harm will remain indefinitely. I have many links to Ravelry on my site and all of us knitters have been long term users and benefactors of the site. I implore Ravelry to listen to the feedback and make the changes that are needed in order for us all to continue to benefit from the site, without excluding disabled people. In lieu of knitting content, I talk about resin jewellery and review a kit I bought from Resin8.co.uk. Full shownotes are at shinybees.com/150 Music for this episode is Adam and the Walter Boys with 'I Need a Drink'.