Hypnosis to Transform Your Thoughts

Don’t miss this episode as Gretchen visits with special guest, Rebecca Wiener McGregor, CCH. Rebecca is an amplifier of love and a catalyst for breakthroughs by sharing her gift as a transformational hypnotist and money mindset coach. She helps entrepreneurial women heal their past traumas through hypnosis in order to create a more fulfilling life of abundance and be able to really step into leadership in their businesses.

She teaches ways to change your mindset and believes your own thoughts are the only things standing between you and success. As she values both meditation and hypnosis, finding they work hand-in-hand when learning to retrain your brain and how to let go of your own judgemental thoughts so you can create a space for the divine to speak to you, have space for inspiration, gratitude and appreciation, and practice being in the present moment.

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"When you build a wall to block out the rain, it blocks out the sunshine too."

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