Episode 48 : Mind & Soul with Charity Majors

In this episode we are joined by Charity Majors and we discuss mindset, spirituality, and challenges women face.

Charity is an author, international speaker, a soulful mindset coach and a savvy digital marketing strategist, that has coached over 1000 women, all around the world, to bust through their fear, grow their confidence, and align with their purpose so they can grow their income, increase their influence and make a major impact.

She is a former TV host, the host to a popular Podcast called "Meant For More", and has been speaking, training, and facilitating workshops, retreats and events for over 15 years.

Her expertise in psychology, confidence and equipping rising leaders, with her proven and proprietary Major I.M.P.A.C.T. Method, that helps lifestyle entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers and authors go from idea to launch to profit to impact.

Charity is the author to the #1 new release and #2 best seller, Meant For More; Igniting Your Purpose in a World That Tries to Dim Your Light.

Her favorite titles are “Babe” to her husband, Chris, and “Mama” to her son, Judah.

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