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The practice of yoga draws from ancient India and has evolved over the millennia. While the core yogic principles remain at the root of many Eastern cultures, we in the West have adapted a more physical yoga practice to meet our own needs, often times at the expense of loosing the essence of the what the practice was founded on. In this episode we draw a comparison between Yoga's Eastern roots and what we see today in our Western culture. We discuss the physical, mental and spiritual sides of the practice, illustrating how a union of breath control (pranayama) in conjunction with movement through physical postures (asana) can bring our nervous system and endocrine systems into balance and help to achieve an overall state of harmony within our mind and body. 

Episode Invitation: Find a comfortable Childs pose position: hips meet the heals, knees are spread wide, forehead to the earth, arms reach out in front of you. Scan your body and notice any areas where you may be holding on to tension. Identify the tension and take 7 rounds of breath, 6 seconds on the inhale, 6 seconds on the exhale and visualize the tension being released and melting away. 

***Please check with your healthcare provider to discuss if a physical yoga practice is right for you. SHE Talks is not liable for any injury that may occur if you choose to partake in any physical movements, postures or flows. By listening to this episode or enacting on this episode invitation you release any claims or future claims should injury occur. 

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