Emma Lovell - Lovelly Communications

Emma Lovell is the Founder of Lovelly Communications and she's also a personal branding coach. She helps female leaders to show up and make an impact and to live and love their brand, just as Emma loves her brand. Emma comes from PR originally but she has acquired many kills along the way. She lives and breathes her brand and is passionate about helping others do the same. As Emma says, "Everyone has a story. Everyone is unique." Growing up in Engadine, NSW, Emma comes from a family of freight forwarders. Both her parents work in the industry and so do a couple of her siblings. Emma was always a gifted child and by the age of 9, she was sent to a selective school that only had 30 students.

She suffered PTSD in her final year of school and now she's a volunteer speaker for the Black Dog Institute. Emma has a passion for travelling and an adventurous spirit and has travelled to India 11 times. She started her own blog in 2009, got into social media and started her business the same year, while she was still studying at university. Emma credits her fortune over the years to have many mentors who have helped her develop herself and her business. Her biggest lessons were; always asking for help, learning from others and networking. Two quirky facts about Emma. She broke her back when snowboarding and has done a 10-day silent meditation in India which was life-changing for her.

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