Danielle Dobson - Author of Breaking The Gender Code and Founder of Code Conversations.

Danielle Dobson is the author of Breaking The Gender Code and is passionate about helping women in business. She started her career in finance, getting an accounting degree and working for a number of companies in Australia, the UK, the USA, and Italy before starting to notice the different pressures and expectations put on men and women. Following the birth of her first child, Danielle decided to take a break from her corporate roles and try personal training which led to wellness coaching. But it was there that she had her 'lightbulb moment' when she realized that weight wasn't what was holding most of the people back, it was their thinking, choices, and behavior.

Fast forward to today and Danielle, after 3 years of research and 50 interviews, has authored a book called Breaking The Gender Code. She has developed a framework and methodology to help women leaders (and lead parents) understand and interpret their own personal codes which she launched in March 2020, called Code Conversations. Helping women unlock their potential is what she does and I know you will be inspired by her story.

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