Shares for Beginners

by Philip Muscatello

We're all investors in the share market, either directly or through our superannuation. We're handing over management of our assets to financial advisors and fund managers. The best will look after our interests and make us wealthier. But how can we know for sure? Where do you go if you're completely new but want to start learning about investing in the markets yourself. The jargon is dense and it can feel like we're being kept deliberately in the dark. You'll hear from people in the finance industry and together we'll explain the key concepts of investing in the ASX, the NASDAQ, S&P500, FTSE, Dow. More importantly, they have insights that allow us to look under the hood of the stock market, explaining how it works and what to look out for. We have to be smart. We have to be diversified and we have to have good risk management strategies if we want to invest for the long term.

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Australian investment education is important to make sure we have enough money for retirement. Our superannuation is in the Australian sharemarket, the US stockmarket. Stocks and shares. The Intelligent Investor. Money and Marriage Tips. This is an investing for beginners podcast. How to invest in shares and stocks. What is a share and how do I buy one? What is Value Investing? What are ASX, CBOE, ASX200, ETFs, LICs, Managed Funds, ESG, passive and active investing, options, warrants, CFDs, day trading, bonds, crypto, bitcoin, ethereum, citiwarrants, personal investing, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, watchlist, dividends, dividend reinvestment plan, robo investing, fixed income, index funds, auto invest, micro-investing, efficient frontier, shareholder. Investing for dummies Australia. Trading in shares for beginners. Buying shares for beginners. How to buy and sell shares and stocks? What are the biggest companies on the Australian stock exchange? What is the share market? What is a stockbroker and online broker. How to trade shares. How to make money shares. Finance podcast Australia, best finance podcast for beginners, best stock trading podcast for beginners, best stocks. Diversification, portfolio tracking, alternative investments, ethical investing, FIRE, financial independence retire early, how to make money with shares. Who is Australia's most successful investor? I've spoken with Superhero, RAIZ, Stockspot, Investopedia, WSJ, Pearler, Sharesight, Magellan, Saxo, Morningstar, QAV, Equity Mates, Owen Rask, Strawman, Motley Fool, Stockopedia, Betashares, Vanguard, Van Eck, Roger Montgomery, Pythagoras, Tony Kynaston, QAV, Gemma Dale, Betsy Westcott, Molly Benjamin, Liz Tian, Andrew Baxter, Simon Ree, Wisr, Ladies Finance Club, Strong Money Australia, Captain Fi, Fred Schebesta founder CEO of Finder, Kylie Purcell, Australian Shareholders' Association, Jessica Amir, Jordan Eliseo, Perth Mint, Shani Jayamanne, Vic Jokovic, Scott Phillips, Mark Monfort Andrew Page, Mitchell Aitkins Magnolia, Claude Walker. I'm Phil Muscatello. Join me on Shares for Beginners. Australian Investment Education.

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