"Share A Pint" with Christian Layke & Erin Karla of Silver Branch Brewing

In this episode, we talk with Co-Founder Christian Layke & Marketing Manager Erin Karla of Silver Branch Brewing in Silver Spring, Maryland. They discuss their unique location, paying homage to the 4 major brewing cultures, their use of traditional brewing techniques & Gemutlichkeit. Christian shares how visiting Bamberg & his apprenticeship in Belgium helped shape him as a brewer, plus the role it played in them winning 2020 GABF Gold! Erin talks about the Explorers Club, the popularity of their Gnomes & upcoming events, like KolschFest! NOTE: This is a VERY educational episode! [originally released 5/21/21]

"Share A Pint" is a bi-weekly podcast & webcast hosted by Jerry Hulla and can be found at https://shareapintpodcast.com. Each episode features a different person associated with the craft beer industry, sharing their unique story.


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