Caribbean film with Patrice Robinson

Snapshots: Caribbean Cinema Up Close at The Barbican.

Today my guest is Patrice Robinson who talks about Snapshots: Caribbean Cinema Up Close, at The Barbican, her debut curatorial season. With interest in communities, community access to film and the intimacies of the human experience, Patrice is a film programmer and writer working in the intersection of audiences and cinema.

We discuss Patrice's late entry into film following a change in career, and how the Independent Cinema Office’s FEDS Scheme led to her permanent position at The Barbican. She also shares how her time at the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival informed Snapshots, and why she focused on films that shared themes of connection - to the land, oneself and family.

Snapshots offers a rare insight into the flourishing Caribbean film culture. Exploring individual and shared cultural identities, Snapshots: Caribbean Cinema Up Close runs from 17-31 May, and kicks off with the UK premiere of the brand new restoration of Kavery Kaul’s One Hand Don’t Clap, her upbeat archive documentary which explores the importance of Calypso music and the community around it. The season continues with Currents, a programme of seven shorts by Caribbean filmmakers which explore universal themes of (familial and self) acceptance, overcoming adversity, justice and pride from a uniquely Caribbean perspective.

The season closes with writer/director José María Cabral’s Parsley, based on the real story of the Parsley Massacre, a mass killing of Haitians living in

the Dominican Republic north western frontier October 1937. Parsley tells the story of a heavily pregnant Haitian woman left alone in the wilderness near the Dominican border, trying to escape the attack.

Snapshots: Caribbean Cinema Up Close - The Barbican

Wed 17 - Wed 31 May 2023

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