They Did That Ep. 21 - Hello? Goodbye! (And Just Like That... S2E11)

Lara and Carey assemble for the finale recap of season 2 of And Just Like That... But first, they discuss the toothless gay conman who claims he smoked crack and hooked up with Obama. Then, the time has come for the phone call of the YEAR! Samantha Jones herself rings in from Jolly Old London to break some bad news to Carrie. Charlotte lays down the law with Harry, and Chablis Hobbes finally gets her ass to Coney Island to make amends with Steve. Nya Wallace gets inducted into the American Law Institute, Seema gets squirrely about Ravi, and Anthony and Giuseppe work through Anthony's hole shame. All of this leads to Carrie's big Last Supper in her apartment, where this group of non-friends assembles to break bread and make things uncomfortable. Plus, Aidan finally gets his revenge...

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