They Did That Ep. 19 - Virginia is for Haters (And Just Like That... S2E9)

Lara and Carey head back to the A.I. simulation of New York City to recap episode 9 of And Just Like That... season two. First, they discuss the muddy nightmare that is Burning Man 2023, including Dr. Deb Medicine Woman, Burner propaganda, and more weather-borne insanity happening on The Playa. Over in the Big Apple, Aidan's youngest son has made Carrie his enemy, and Carrie wonders if buying a gigantic new apartment will bring her closer to Aidan and his kids, naturally! Plus Carrie meets Aidan's ex-wife. Seema and Ravi's relationship moves into more official territory. Miranda and Charlotte find out Brady and Lily are banging under their noses; Mario and Giuseppe continue to not bang whatsoever. LTW drops a baby bomb on Herb, and another baby bomb threatens to destroy Naya's good dick haze. Meanwhile, Che threatens us all by writing new stand-up material.

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